Kroger’s Rebrand Continues With a Unifying Symbol – Fresh Cart


Kroger, the biggest supermarket chain in the US, is starting on the latest stage of a rebrand that was started in 2019 with a new icon called Fresch cart.

The icon is a shopping cart with a slice of orange as its basket will be added to all Kroger’s banners. These banners will also include Ralphs and Food4Less as well providing a sense of connection for the overall portfolio.

More Updates:

This is particularly important because Kroger wants its $10 Billion eCommerce business to double by 2023.

“The key is we want to have some commonality and consistency, and we’ve done that through having a common brand strategy,” Rassi said. “We have an important growing seamless business on the eCommerce side.”

While the supermarket operator has standardized some of its billboards, such as Roundy’s, on other brands, it has chosen to keep other regional names due to customers’ loyalty, according to Rassi.


“There is a lot that is really special about local banners like Fred Meyer,” she said.

Having a single visual identifier is important for Kroger as its new digital services are launched, rather than having to rely only on Kroger’s name, Rassi added. The icon will play a very important visual role in the recognition of the Kroger App.

Development Of An Icon

To develop this new icon, Kroger has been working with its creative agency of record, DDB New York since 2019. This process took a year, to begin with. This new icon also symbolizes the promise of Kroger to make fresh food associable.

The new icon was presented by DDB after several reviews, when seeing this design, the Kroger team knew, this is the one, Rassi added.

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