Kroger’s Site Will converted Storage Facility

According to the recent statement, one vacant plot of land on the corner of Central Avenue and National Road that was used to house the Kroger supermarket. It has been sold to an Indianapolis-based company that plans to convert the grocery store building into a self-storage facility.

Tiptonia Partners LLC, located at 6440 Westfield Blvd. In Indianapolis, the property was purchased on March 2 for $ 3.6 million, nearly five months after the Columbus Council of Regions Appeal approved the use of the property for a self-storage facility, according to city and county records.

Kroger’s Site Will converted Storage Facility

In a conditional use application filed with the Columbus Department of Planning on September 22, Tiptonia Partners requested permission “to allow the existing structure previously used as” Kroger “to be converted into a fully enclosed, self-contained storage facility. The site has been vacant since the opening of the Kroger Market across the street in a new building in 2016. The proposed storage facility displays attached to the app show a two-story Extra Space storage facility with an entrance from the vehicle to what appears on the east side of the former grocery store along Central Avenue.

The app also includes plans to split the parking lot on the north side of the site into two additional lots that could end up selling. William T. Stoops, listed in Business filings as the primary contact for Tiptonia Partners LLC, did not respond to phone calls seeking comment.  They are basically looking to capture most of what used to be the old Kroger car park and create two new lots there that could serve as sites for other businesses,” said Geoff Bergman, director of city county planning. However, property owners still need to submit a site development plan to the city before any renovation or construction begins, Burjuman said.

Once the plan is submitted, Bergman said, staff in the planning department will review it. As of Monday morning, Bergman said, no site blueprint had been submitted to the city. Additionally, no building or remodeling permits of any kind were filed on the property, according to county records.

Salt Lake City-based ExtraSpace Storage claims to be the second-largest volume operator in the country, owning or operating more than 1,850 self-storage properties across the United States, including at least 33 in Indiana, according to its website. Currently, ExtraSpace’s closest storage facilities to Columbus are in Bloomington and Greenwood. Is it going to be good? What are your thoughts on it? Let us know thoughts in the comment section below!

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