What is Kroger?

Kroger is the 5th largest retail company in the world. It was founded 137 years ago in 1883. Needless to say, it serves the best of its products, delivery, and service to its customers keeping in mind the benefits and wellbeing of their employees as well.


It has more than 2500 stores around the world and is known to have the best service no matter what Kroger store you go to. ITS JUST PERFECTION!

Having 2500 stores and more, there is a lot of responsibility and with that comes pressure. But Kroger is a family and you know how families are. Right? They stick together and can make anything work.

It also has collaborated with a vast amount of larger and bigger companies. It has joined its hands with companies like Ralph’s, Food 4 Less, and Chobani Foods and made its name, even more, firmer in the food industry, industrial industry, or any other industry in the world (you name it!)

Kroger Press Release:

Announcement of SVP of supply chain’s retirement

On September 28th, 2020, the Senior Vice President of the supply chain, Robert Clark announced retirement. It was told that Gabriel Arreaga would join his position.

He rendered services for Kroger for almost 4 decades. Now you must be wondering what happened in his life? What struggles did he make to achieve what he achieved? Who was he? Let me give you a little head start. IT ISN’T EASY! Only with hard work can you achieve big things. In life there is no shortcut, the only shortcut to success is hard work.

Robert Clark started his career as a bagger in the Fry’s division in 1985 (Little did he know that life had big plans for him.) 17 years later, he was named as VP of merchandising in the same division in 2002. He relocated in 2010 to Columbus where he rendered his service as VP of operations. A year later he again relocated to Fred Meyer’s to render his services as VP of merchandising. (Looks like he has the VICE PRESIDENT job under control.)

He and Kroger started their journey together in 2013. They don’t go too way back when he joined the company in 2013 where he became VP of nonperishables and then got promoted to SVP of merchandise in 2016 and got to SVP of the supply chain in 2019. (Phew!)

His successor, Gabriel Arreaga

He will be joining this post from October 1st, 2020. Where he would be responsible for the company’s industry-leading supply chain organization which includes logistics, inventory, and replenishment.

Well, not hard to say that it takes a lot of effort to build a company. It takes effort and it takes trust-worthy people. That is why Kroger and many companies like it have achieved what others have been dying to. They haven’t been able to crack the code of success which is simple. UNITY AND TRUST. All you have to do is treat your team members and employees as a family then all you have to do is GO WITH THE FLOW!

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