Kroger’s Texas Lottery Winner Won $5 million


Just in: Yes, you heard it right as Mesquite has a new millionaire in town. According to the recent reports where the Taxes lottery took place. A local resident, who chose to remain anonymous, took home a $5 million prize in a Texas lottery ticket game, according to recent lottery updates.


While the lucky winner bought a lucky ticket at Kroger in Dallas on Maple Street the previous week and wanted to win the prize. While the winning ticket was the third of four jackpots worth $5 million that can be claimed in this game. 5 million Fortune offers a total prize pool of over $225 million. The odds of winning any one prize are at 3.53 and all you need to do is try your luck and scratch the ticket if the number matches then you won.

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Now, if you are wondering how you can win such prizes through the Texas Lottery? If yes then you have to visit the store and purchase the required amount of lottery tickets. Or you can even purchase the lucky lottery ticket from the website as well. You can learn all about it at

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