Kroger’s Therapeutic Walls mural divulged


Just in: the wall art on the Kroger’s site parking area which was under pipeline has been divulged. The Leaders unveiled the final mural on the side of the West Broadway Kroger in the Parkland neighbourhood, on Friday. While the wall’s area is more than 3,000 square feet with alluring artwork designed by local artists of colour.


Here’s what the artist said about it “We took a survey and talked to a lot of people in Kroger and around Kroger and in the West End. While we figured out what people wanted to see and say in art and we were guided through the community throughout the entire process,” Healing Walls artist Ashley Cathy said.

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Furthermore, the officials said that they hope it will be a bright spot for an area that has seen its fair share of darkness. The mural came from a partnership between Kroger and The Healing Walls Project. You can learn more about The Healing Walls Project on their website.

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