Laurie Taylor named director of the 2021 Kroger Health Festival

Kroger’s health festival has started with a bang. The event will start this Friday and Laurie Taylor, Founder, and CEO of The Produce Moms will appear again at The Wellness Experience by Kroger. In Cincinnati, Friday, August 20, 2021, this time as a featured guest on the main stage of the Vegetable Eating Contest as contestants compete Find out who can consume the most products in 10 minutes.

Furthermore, this will be the fourth time, at Kroger’s request, that Lori has represented the production industry at the folk festival co-founded by KROGER and singer Jewel. Laurie will be joined on the main stage by Kroger’s Vice President of Production/Floral, Miguel Garcia who will start the produce eating contest. According to THE WELLNESS EXPERIENCE which takes place over two days, offers “the ultimate health, nutrition, fitness and music festival experience, designed to kick-start your healthy lifestyle.”

Laurie Taylor named director of the 2021 Kroger Health Festival

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However, the festival provides attendees with an opportunity to “work out with celebrity fitness trainers, watch inspiring speakers, pick up cooking tips, practice mindfulness techniques. And learn from passionate health professionals about what health means to you.”

Here’s what she has to say “I have been honoured to represent the produce industry at all of the Kroger Health Festivals. This is the perfect place to meet and engage consumers who already understand and appreciate the wellness benefit of eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, as well as “newbies” interested in committing to a healthier lifestyle. When I share the mission of the industry. Produce with these people, they in turn act as producer ambassadors who spread the word about eating more fruits and vegetables within their communities. I look forward to Kroger’s wellness partnership with The PRODUCE MOMS continuing and growing for years to come.”

“As an expert and influencer, as well as a trusted partner at Kroger, Lori brings a life-saving message of incorporating fresh fruits and vegetables as part of the wellness movement,” says Colin Lindholz, President of Kroger Health. “We recognize the importance of representing the produce industry in a fun, playful and delicious way, and we are so proud to have Laurie Taylor and THE PRODUCE MOMS a part of our event!”

About the event, The Wellness Experience by KROGER occurs in downtown Cincinnati from Friday, August 20 through Saturday, August 21, 10 a.m. Until 7 pm according to the website, “Entry to the festival grounds and festival programs is free to attend the weekend by donating a food item.

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