Lidl to establish a starting wage of $ 15 an hour in Philadelphia


Lidl plans to increase the starting salary of all hourly workers in the Philadelphia area to $ 15 an hour.


Lidl US Inc., based in Arlington, Virginia, said yesterday that the pay increase for full-time and part-time employees will take effect April 5. The discount store has 7 stores in the Philadelphia Market, including two locations in the city and in Folsom, Roisford, Norristown, Lansdale and Exton, Pennsylvania.

Lidl to enact $15 starting hourly wage in Philadelphia 1

Lidl said more than 150 workers will see an immediate pay rise. Starting in 2020, this retailer will start offering full health care coverage and other benefits to all part-time employees. Full-time employees are already eligible for benefits. In March last year, Lidl and health insurance company CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield developed a plan to enable all employees to purchase comprehensive COVID-19 health insurance for free.

Lidl also announced in January last year that all U.S. workers who receive the full COVID-19 vaccine will receive an additional $ 200.

“Lidl is honored to provide team members in the Philadelphia area with the most competitive salaries and benefits in the region, including universal health care for all full-time and part-time employees,” said Eoin Byrne, Lidl’s Chief Human Resources Officer in the United States. States. “We are committed to supporting our team with an industry-leading total compensation plan, which also includes several benefits such as a 401K retirement plan and generous donations from the company so they can do their best to serve our customers.”

Liddell reports that the new starting salary in the Philadelphia area is more than twice the current minimum wage in Pennsylvania and one of the highest starting salaries for grocery stores in the city.

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Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenny said, “We are very pleased and appreciate Lidl’s commitment to the workers in the Philadelphia area.” “Raising wages, especially in times of economic hardship, is to help working families and boost the economy. The easiest way to move forward. We are very pleased that Lidl is joining employers in the area. Philadelphia taking steps to increase wages and recognize the dignity of work by paying a living wage to their employees. As Lidl promises, a wage increase is not only good for employees, but also good for businesses. We encourage other employers to do the same.

Michael Rashid, Chief Commercial Officer, Philadelphia, added: “We are proud and grateful for Lidl’s continued investment in the region. Higher wages have leveled the playing field and made Philadelphia fairer. Affordable. With its commitment to Philadelphia and its people. ., we look forward to working with Lidl in the future. “.

Lidl also plans to increase her starting salary in Long Island, New York. Under the plan, supermarkets are to increase the starting salary for full-time and part-time employees from $ 15 an hour to $ 16.50 starting March 8. Month. The growth affects 300 of Lidl’s 800 employees on Long Island, which has 14 stores.

Last month, Lidl also increased their initial hourly wages from $ 12.5 to $ 15 in the Atlanta area, which operates 13 stores in Atlanta. The price adjustment took effect on February 8.

“We conduct regular reviews of all markets to ensure there is a groundbreaking total compensation package,” said William Harwood, Chief Communications Officer at US-based Lidl, in an email Friday.

In total, Germany-based Lidl operates more than 130 US stores on the East Coast of the United States, including Delaware, Georgia, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina and Virginia.

These major supermarket chains that have increased or plan to increase their initial hourly wages to $ 15 or more include Amazon / Whole Foods, Target, and Costco Wholesale. Walmart said in mid-February that the salary adjustment would increase average hourly wages to more than $ 15, while the Kroger Corporation said in its fiscal 2020 earnings call yesterday that its average hourly wages increased from $ 15 last year to $ 15.50. Including the benefits, a limit of more than $ 20.

Since 2009, the United States has not raised the federal minimum wage to $ 7.25 an hour. The Biden administration and the Democrats in Congress plan to increase hourly wages to $ 15.

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