Local 1996 Contract Negotiations for Kroger Employee


Looking for updating regarding the employee contract at Kroger. This blog is for you as we well discuss the updates regarding the augmentation wages. As one of the employee raised his concern on public forum Korger and asked about the update of the contract is they going increase $4 wages in future.


Now to clear your concerns the union negotiating committee met with Kroger for another round of contract negotiations on May 26, 2021. During this long and productive meeting, union and Kroger reached consensus on the non-economic and contract language clauses that membership had raised. After this meeting, we are pleased to report that we have covered all the terms of this part of the negotiations and will now turn to the economic proposals.

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The economic proposals include wages, but also other economic benefits such as health care coverage and retirement benefits. Your union negotiating committee is committed to examining all aspects of the economic proposals and understanding the importance of union negotiated health care coverage for our members, particularly emerging from a health crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The next bargaining meeting is scheduled for the week of June 7. To get these updates about this keep check this space. But we hope that the union will end for betterment of the Kroger employees.

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