Local McDonald’s the owner/operator Meoli adding six restaurants in Delaware


Six Mcdonald’s restaurants have been acquired by Michael Meoli the local McDonalds operator and the Meoli companies in the area of Dover, which after acquiring made them the largest owner/operator organization in the state. Six Mcdonalds restaurant means they are making a large amount of money from the restaurants and progressing towards the largest company which operates the restaurants in the state.


Meoli Companies which now operated around 25 McDonalds restaurants across the state of Delmarva Peninsula, the representative said that they are aiming to hire some of the outstanding people into their company and also they are aiming at building and maintaining the best restaurants which would lead them to introduce the best of the services to its consumers, a gold standard services the representative added.

The Meoli said it is their commitment to scale their business for good and provide the best of the services to the public of Dover and the other communities in which the restaurants operate, Meoli added that by expansion and improving the standard of food they will be able to do more for their employees, managers and the communities they operate in.

Since 1991 the Michael Meoli has owned and operated the restaurants of the fast-food giant Mcdonalds in Delmarva, and they were presented with different types of awards including corporate, national, and regional level, which also includes the award named Golden Arch Awards which aim to recognize the top 1 percent owner/operator in the world. In other words, the Meoli’s organization is amongst the cream of the world who operates and owns the Mcdonalds.

Meoli has spent almost its entire life doing business with McDonald’s, and now their second generation is also in the business. Meoli’s restaurants have been consistently acknowledged for their marvelous services to the customers, awesome operations, and outstanding development of their employees, the representative added.

Meoli has held some of the key positions in the industry’s multiple corporate committees and currently providing his services as the field alignment council chair for the Bethesda field office, which is the representation of seven MidAtlantic states and 180 owners/operator.

The number one priority of the Meoli in Dover is an aggressive commitment towards staffing and providing competitive compensation at these locations. Meoli also added that they are aiming at improving the customer experience which would allow the customers to enjoy their meals and he is also aiming at the steps which need to be taken to improve the working environment as well so both the customers and employees would enjoy the experience at McDonald’s.   

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