Looking for Job? Kroger is hosting a career fair on Saturday in all stores


Are you looking for a job? Want to work in the finest grocery retailer? If yes then this is your chance as Kroger just announced that they will host a career fair on Saturday in all their stores.


While, Kroger announced that as customers head towards a post-pandemic lifestyle, its stores intend to be fully staffed and ready for a busy summer. To help with that, Kroger is hiring every store in the central division.

Looking for Job Kroger is hosting a career fair on Saturday in all stores

Here is the official statement “If you love people and love food, our stores are great places to help make customers’ lives easier and make their summer celebrations brighter,” said Colin Jorgensen, head of the Kroger Central division.

“Our division serves people in four states and we know each community has loyal and friendly people who will be wonderful additions to the Kroger family, and if they are ready to return to the job market, now is the time.” The company announced that it is holding a job fair on Saturday from 10am to 2pm. In all stores. There are hundreds of jobs available, Kroger said.

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Furthermore, Kroger added. “Some jobs are ideal for students looking for a summer job. Others are permanent full-time positions. New employees may join the popular e-commerce team, to support Kroger Pickup; they may be cashiers. They may find a variety of opportunities that will help Kroger keep its stores full of food. Fresh, reasonably priced and other family necessities,” Kroger said.

Now, if you are interested and want to apply? Then interested candidates are encouraged to visit the manager or recruiter at any time in the Kroger district. Openings can also be viewed on jobs.kroger.com by entering a postal code and then placing an online application. Do share this blog news with your friends and family who are looking for opportunities at Kroger. For better reach don’t forget to comment below!

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