Looking To A Post-Pandemic Future, Restaurant Chains Place Their Bets On The Drive-Thru


It is been almost 75 years since the fast-food chains have introduced the drive-thru concept. Nothing has changed so far.


This medium of sales has been such a huge success that nothing has changed except for the thing like technological upgrades and cosmetic improvements.

What is changed is that due to Covid-19, all the fast-food chains have gone wholly to rely on drive-thru, because of the restrictions in the dining facility.

Like for example if we talk about McDonald’s, the business of Mcdonald’s jumped plus-90% in the crises, and have reported same-store sales growth highest in 10 years.

And McDonald’s has shifted its business focus from Dine-in facility to drive-thru, takeaway, and delivery model. Which have proved to be beneficial for the business, as the number suggests that their business grew in the time of this crisis.

The idea for prioritizing the driver-thru and delivery isn’t new as we know that KFC claimed the first of its kind drive-thru the only facility in Australia.

Last year was very different as compared to another year due to Covid19, all the focus of the businesses have shifted towards a drive-thru facility. As KFC has announced a few days ago to open up a restaurant just only for the drive-thru only without dining in facilities.

Dunkin also opted for that idea of a drive thru only after the conditions got bad due to the virus spread.

All the big brands like Del Taco, Wendy’s, Burger King, and Taco Bell have introduced the dine-in facility only for their consumers and they are also planning to introduced more lanes for the convenience of their customers.

Even the Wawa convenience store chain is jumping into the drive-thru the only concept to provide quick service for their customers.

But this concept is not that much famous like all the brand is going drive-thru only, but some brands are aiming for the restructuring of the drive-thru facility as well as they are focusing on improvement of their dine-in facilities.

There is word revolving in the industry that the concept of a drive-thru will work even after the introduction of a vaccine for the Covid19 and the restrictions are lifted. Mcdonald’s Senior vice president and chief restaurant officer, Mason Smoot, predicted that the demand for a drive-thru will increase after the pandemic as people go after the speedy and quick service. He also added that they are committed to enhancing their drive-thru facility.

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