Man Purchases Items from Best Buy through Stolen Cards


A man, seemingly slender stole from purses in Auburn Hills and proceeded to Best Buy immediately. The man was captured by CCTV’s and appears to be wearing glasses, a camouflaged mask black heat, a white half sleeve collared shirt and khaki pants. He was seen walking outside the store with beaming confidence which comes as a shock to many of us. Moreover, the suspect is tall and slender. 


The individual is suspected of stealing two wallets out of the purses of two female shoppers in either Meijer or Costo in Auburn Hills recently. He then rushed to a nearby Best Buy retail outlet and purchased items using the stolen credit card which is how the authorities were able to trace the card to him. Later the same day the man was also seen on the run to Target where he bought products using the stolen credit card again.

Best Buy has assisted the police in their search by immediately informing them how a purchase had been made under a stolen card. The retailers’ co-operation with the authorities is truly commendable. Best Buy has released a statement saying they wish the suspect is caught and the stolen cards are returned to the rightful owners. 

Police have been in search of the man but have had no luck so far even though they have patrolled the area thoroughly. If you have seen the suspect or have any information regarding his identity or whereabouts please contact the police department at once. If you see anyone fitting the description of the suspect do not hesitate to get in touch with the police. You can ring Officer Hesse at 248-364-6874 or even email him at [email protected] if you prefer to stay anonymous. Any help from the general public in this regard will be greatly appreciated. 

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