McDonald’s fans left fuming over ’embarrassing’ new burger on Christmas menu


Mcdonalds have launched their Christmas menus which includes Mcflurry and Jamaican jerk chicken sandwich earlier this week.


The menu item which captured the most attention of the public is Big Mac which is made up of four patties, a slice of cheese, onions, lettuce, pickles, and Big Mac sauce in a bun.

Big Mac is the biggest burger which McDonald’s has ever sold and for the first time, it is available in UK markets.

Many of the fans were very much excited and drove down to McDonald’s in their nearest locality to enjoy that fabulous burger.

It is not that much famous as many of the people on social media criticized the burger.

On Twitter, the company shared a phone of its burger where a person commented,” embarrassing”.

They also complain that the burger lacks cheese and sauce which makes it dry as hell.

One person commented that the slice of cheese is not enough for him.

Another person said that there is not enough sauce and cheese on the burger which makes it very dry.

An upset customer posted that he was very much disappointed by the Mcdonalds Big Mac burger he also added that I was just a Big Mac in double Big Mac boxing.

Not everyone was disappointed by the burger as one customer said that the burger was amazing.

A second person said that McDonald’s can easily add the sauce to it and make it more tasty and juicy as it would not cost any extra buck to the fast-food giant.

One of the customers ordered the burger with the instructions to use more sauce and cheese in the burger and found it amazing.

The fast-giant offers the Double Big Mac burger at the price of 4.19 and if you go with the meal it would cost you 5.69, what an amazing offer it is.

A spokesperson while talking with the media has said that their new Double Big Mac burger is very famous among its consumers and they launched it on festive days and they are very much delighted from the response they received from the general public.

As with any menu item customers can choose to add sauce and an extra slice of cheese when they are ordering their meals. But the majority of the people gave positive feedback about the burger which made the McDonalds management confident about the decisions they make regarding the launching of any of its products.

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