McDonald’s Franchisees Are Reportedly Setting Their Sights on Fixing the Chain’s Ice Cream Machines


We all love McDonald’s here in the USA, their Big Macs, and their fries, perfect and classic. Their famous diet coke is the very reason for me being in existence.


But you and I both know the ice cream machines not working problem of the McDonalds is going on and even a person made a website just only to track the ice cream machines not working but showing them on the map as a red dot and green dot for the working ice cream machines. There is a meme relating to the non-functionality of the ice-cream machines in Mcdonald’s franchises. The franchisees are really committed to change that.

A new report by the business insider in which it stated that in the meeting of the National Owners Association, in the group of the McDonalds franchisees, a National Supply leadership Council Equipment team was announced whose main focus would be to improve and find the solutions for chains ice cream machines.

Tyler Gamble’s leader of a newly formed team leader and franchisee said that he wanted to ensure that McDonald’s is no longer a joke of the general public and even of its own employees in their social media team (there were jokes trending on Twitter regarding McDonald’s broken ice cream machine).

A device called Kytch has been used by some of the franchisees of the company which can evaluate the issues within the ice cream machines at the restaurants. According to BI, they require approval from the corporate team of McDonald’s.

In the statement by Business insider, McDonald responded that it remains committed to providing its restaurants what the consumer of their brand expects of them, which includes the fresh and sweet treats they are offered at the dessert menu.

As we can see the international brand like McDonald’s is being joked around over the internet relating to the issue of its ice cream machines, many of the loyal customers would go somewhere else to get the ice cream, it is an indeed alarming situation for the company. This problem is so huge that to fulfill the need for the ice cream new entrepreneurs are making apps in order to aid to find out the store whose ice cream machines are working.

Luckily the embarrassment of the broken ice cream machine worked and pushed the management of the company from committees and take actions.

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