McDonald’s Is Making a Plant-Based Burger; You Can Try It in 2021


Fast-food chains are trying for the previous few years to improve their menus towards healthy options. The burgers, fries, and sandwiches never go out of date as we are living in America but the consumers of fast-food giants are gravitating towards healthier options.


One of the options included on the menus is not salads or veggie burgers but a plant-based meat burger. Burger King was the first fast-food giant to jump into plant-based meat burger, the Burger King introduced its plant-based meat burger across the country. And Dunkin uses its plant-based patty in its beyond Sausage breakfast sandwich.

But one fast-food giant is missing the opportunity of introducing the plant-based burger and that is McDonald’s. But now the fast-food giant has announced last week that they are also going to introduce a sandwich called McPlant. They are aiming to launch it in the upcoming year in the US market. They are not like Dunkin and Burger King who worked with Impossible Foods to produce plant-based meat burgers. But the Mcdonalds worked with Los Angeles Beyond meat which makes chicken, beef, or pork-like products from plants.

Bloomberg reported that McDonald’s is working along with Beyond Meat to create their own plant-based products, which include chicken nuggets and plant-based sandwiches in their breakfast menus.

McDonald’s share price jumped back from March low due to Covid-19, last, the company’s stock reached 52 week high of $231 per share.

To keep those figures high, Mcdonalds is introducing plant-based burgers into their menus along with other menu items, the fast-food giant is also investing in technology and integrating more digital items into their menus.

A couple of intelligence companies have been hired by McDonald’s last year, Dynamic Yield is an Israeli company that uses artificial intelligence to asses customer experiences and McDonald’s is using Dynamic Yields on its menu boards.

Apprentice is also bought by McDonald’s, which used its Artificial Intelligence in voice-based programs. The fast-food giant is also using technology to transform their drive-through experience.

McDonald’s also has introduced a program called MyMcDonalds through which the orders would be made through an application that would include testing different types of ways in which the food is ordered and processed.

Plant-based meat patties seem to be like the McDonald’s modernization plan. Those who were waiting are now getting their desired menu, and Mcdonalds is not turning a blind eye to the needs of their consumers.


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