McDonald’s Korea Takes New Eco-friendly Initiative


A new campaign has been announced by McDonald’s which would aim at the environment and community under the slogan, “Small but great changes for a better community”.


Due to the Covid-19, the fast-food giant has announced four actions which consist of Our Planet, Community connections and Jobs, Food Quality and sourcing, Inclusion and Empowerment to aid local communities and protect the environment.

To achieve sustainable growth McDonald’s Korea has implemented concrete plans.

Our Planet

The fast-food giant plans to expand its operations of eco-friendly restaurants by reducing its plastic waste and adopting environment-friendly packaging materials and also to replace its delivery scooters with green electric vehicles.

McDonald’s is aiming to go plastic-free in 2025, which would include the steps like to stop using ink on the packaging with natural ones and also it aims to use cup lids instead of using plastic straws.

McDonald’s has shown a commitment to recycling and climate action. They replaced 50 paper-based packaging materials with those certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and also 3500 tons of waste from cooking oil turned into biodiesel fuel annually.

The fast-food giant also aims to replace its delivery bikes with eco-friendly scooters which would contribute to a 937-ton reduction in carbon dioxide emissions annually. Which would have to impact of planting 220000 trees.

Food Quality and Sourcing

Fresh and sustainable ingredients have been used by McDonald’s and sourced through the local suppliers to present their consumers with healthy and tasty food items in their menus.

By the end of this year, all the restaurants will be using 100% sunflower oil in the preparation of their food which will help to protect the environment and presents its customers with healthy food choices.

The fast-food giant will also be using fresh and high-quality local supplies like eggs, tomatoes, and lettuce with will help to grow with local suppliers and contribution to the local economy.

Community Connection

Mcdonalds also be using certain techniques to further strengthen its activities to protect communities and families.

This includes steps taken by helping the local charities and raising funds.

Job, Inclusion, and Empowerment

Mcdonalds will be continuing to provide jobs in the local communities irrespective of their sex, origin, age, and education and work towards the career building of their employees.

The company has over 400 restaurants across the country and employs more than 15000 employees in the sector of food.


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