McDonald’s sorry for stopping couriers using toilets


Delivery drivers have been apologized by McDonald’s when the fast-food giant denied the usage of the toilet during the lockdown.


Followed by the complaints of the courier’s Health and Safety Executive (HSE) reminded the restaurants of their legal obligations.

Fast-food chains like KFC, Nandos, and Wagamama were also involved in denying the facilities of toilets to the couriers during the pandemic.

Restaurants are legally bound to give the drivers suitable sanitary conveniences under the health and safety law.

McDonald’s apologized to the couriers who were affected by not giving them access to toilets. They also added that they are sorry for what the restaurants have done and they will make sure this won’t happen again as they will remind the policy to all the restaurants.

Takeaway delivery drivers are crucial in the time of lockdown, as they help the companies to do the business.

HSE received complaints that some of the restaurants are breaching the health and safety regulations of 1992.

They are not only obliged to provide toilet facilities but the washing facilities as well.

Health and wellbeing 

A joint letter was sent to the restaurants which emphasized the brands to provide the drivers with hygienic washroom facilities especially during the Covid19 crisis, all of this is to avoid further public health implications and it would help them to tackle the spread of the virus.

A spokesperson of Nandos who was involved in denying the facilities to the drivers said that its policy was to allow all of its drivers to use the facility through all of its restaurants, and he also added that they will make sure that the same message is transferred to all of their restaurants.

A KFC spokesperson said that guest toilets are available for all of its delivery same and he also added that they will make sure that this message is conveyed to all of its restaurants across the country.

Media agencies also approached Subway and Wagamama for the comments.

Welcome Step

McDonald’s apology is considered as a welcome step by the App Drivers and Couriers Union (ADCU).

General Secretary James Farrar told the media that the entire process for food pick at Mcdonalds is a disaster and it urgently needs management attention.

The united union agreed that emphasizing the fast-food chains to follow the law relating the use of toilets by the driver is a good step. The staff has legally bound the use the toilet facilities at work they also added.

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