McDonald’s urges people to find their inner child this Christmas


Teenagers have been encouraged by McDonald’s to discover their inner child this Christmas, As McDonald’s seems to be very happy as they are introducing this concept among its consumers.


Mcdonalds made an animated ad created by Leo Burnett, the story is about a boy Tom who as a person struggled in this childhood and teenage.

Tom’s mother tries to make her son involved in the festive spirits by hanging decorations and Christmas trees, but Tom’s made no response to the efforts of her mother but his inner child would love to join in. He started to listen to his inner child by having a quick stop at McDonald’s.

As the day progressed Tom’s listened to his inner child and started to help her mother with the decorations and festivities of Christmas, he was so excited with his inner child that he cuddled her mother on the sofa. He also suggested that to put out some reminders treat for Santa.

The Inner child will be aired on Sunday at ITV’s I am a celebrity launch show after showing itself on Mcdonald’s social channels.

Michelle Graham Mcdonalds vice president of menu and marketing said that this campaign will reignite the passion of Christmas this winter.

He also added that giving reindeer treats will ignite the souls of the kids to rediscover their inner child and make them celebrated Christmas with full passion for the festive.

The steps were taken by the Mcdonalds also show that the fast-food giant is working for the benefit of its consumer and putting forward the ways to contribute in the development of social cause by keeping the kids intact with their cultural values, which make McDonald’s to be seen as a socially responsible company.

My companies follow this kind of techniques to correct or build their image as a corporate, by taking these corporate social responsibility measures companies try to put a good image of their company to their stakeholders.

As a part of the campaign, Mcdonalds will also be launching a website that would feature kids’ activity sheets, different types of competition regarding Christmas and it will include an audiobook on Tom’s story.

It will also present a social augmented reality game that can be accessed through the QR code scanner on the menu of Mcdonalds this Christmas.

It’s a very good initiative by Mcdonalds that it’s a need of the hour to reinvent the passion for Christmas.

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