McDonald’s welcomes all forms of rides in its Ride-Thru


People use different means of transport to get to their destination safely. Whether it’s a skateboard, bike, motorcycle, or a car, this year proved to be the year where everyone has their transport to move around the city.


As every person has a different ride and different lifestyle but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have the cravings for the food. So a leading fast-food chain is committed to providing food to all kinds of people living. 

There has been a noticeable increase in In-home dining, that why due to Covid-19 the drives thru of the franchises have gathered more attention during that period than ever before. Mcdonalds is allowing its customers who use motorcycles to order their food from the drive-thru, now which is called McDonald’s Ride-thru.

There was a perception that the fast-food giant only allows the cars to order from the drive-thru, but in fact, it is opened for all the sort of ride, not just four-wheelers. From drive-thru to ride thru, McDonald’s is giving a clear message that all the wheelers are welcomed and entertained at their restaurants.

To stand by its commitment to accessibility and inclusivity Mcdonalds has implemented several changes to its stores.

By celebrating the national drive-thru day on 24 July, McDonald’s offered free apple pies to their customers who rode bikes. The fast-food giant is improving both of their infrastructure and operations to fulfill the needs of every rider at their restaurants and they will make sure that the rider feels welcomed while they visit the restaurant Ride thru. They also made sure that there is parking for bikes. There is no mention of any exclusive deals for the people accessing the McDonalds app.

Another welcome treat for the riders who visit the restaurant is that they will be given medium fries for every la carte order made at McDonald’s. Timing for that offer from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. every Saturday of this November.

Mcdonalds is committed to spreading the word about their Ride-thru are in the market for bike lovers and McDonald’s would love to share their own feel-good stories.

People have already shared their stories about Ride thru, which proves that the brand doesn’t discriminate whichever means of transport you are using, all sorts of wheels are welcomed at the restaurants.

  In the current scenario, while staying safe, everybody is restricted to their homes but that doesn’t mean that people cannot enjoy life and good food so the restaurants are making efforts to make sure great service and food are served to its customers.

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