McDonald’s will introduce plant-based burgers and fast food


McDonald’s is all set to launch a new line of plant-based burgers next year which would be called McPlant, right now it is in trial stages.


During a media talk spokesperson from the fast-food giant said that they are looking forward to launching a plant-based burger next year to cater to the market for meatless alternatives.

President of Mcdonalds, Ian Borden said that the company has been a fabulous plant-based burger in their menus which would be available next year throughout the country. He also added that this plant-based burger is the first burger to be introduced on the menu. He also added that the range of plant-based burgers would include a chicken sandwich and breakfast sandwich.

He added that Mcdonald’s will also continue to promote its existing meat-based burgers as due to the Coronavirus their demand for these items has increased and Mcdonald’s is committed to promoting its meat-based burgers.

The CEO of Mcdonalds Kempczinski emphasized that they would not go into the global launch right now, he insisted that the market will decide the trends of the market if it is a success they will launch it globally. He also added that the pace for the launch of McPlant burger would be decided by the consumer demand.

The fast-food giant Mcdonald’s is a latecomer in this plant-based burger industry whereas its rival like KFC, Burger King already has launched the plant-based meat alternative lines.

He further added that McDonald’s is committed to providing its customers with the best of food and looking to make this burger a success in the market in the upcoming year when the plant-based burger would be launched.

By not mentioning the partner who helped them to produce those plant-based patties, it caused the share price of Beyond meat to fall by 8 percent, which has been working with Mcdonalds on trial in Canada.

However, the share price again became stable after McDonald’s announced that they will be working along with Beyond meat to create that plant-based burger, which will be available in the market next year.

Pizza hut also announced that they will be working with beyond meat to produce plant-based pizzas in the United Kingdom.

The range will be available for a limited time in five locations in Luton, Liverpool, and London. This happened after Pizza hut US collaborated with Beyond meat in the US, now the same trend is following in the United Kingdom.

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