Meet the 24-year-old who’s tracking every broken McDonald’s ice-cream machine in the US


We all have experienced that craving for Shamrock Shake and Mcflurry, then you just drive to McDonald’s with the expectation that you going to have one of those products to fill your mouth with sugary freshness, and when you reach the counter, you hear those awful words that their ice cream machine is broken.


A 24-year-old software engineer introduced McBroken a website that aims to end those kinds of incidents to end once for all. He made a System which will tell you which of the braches have a broken machine and which one is working. You will simply know on the map, green dots ones will be the one working would be highlighted on the map. And the location without the ice cream ones will be shown as red dots on the map. Statistics show that 7.54 percent of McDonalds machines are broken and 15.22 percent is broken only in New York.

Let’s talk about the idea Rashiq Zahid introduced in the USA, In summers Zahid went to Mcdonalds to have some McSundae from the display screen, as he tried to order it showed a message that no ice cream is available. Then he tried to order from the app but had a similar answer.

He Started with the McDonalds app, as this app allows you to make an order, and that app is simply connected to the different McDonalds outlets in the USA, this app is just like using other shopping apps like Amazon, Grubhub, which allows making an order, for example, if the ice cream in that specific restaurant is not available it will simply tell you that it is currently unavailable.

Zahid loved to play around with the apps to have an idea of the features they are giving. So he grabbed the idea from that Mcdonald’s app to make his own website. He connected his website with the food chain app and ordered Mcsundae after every thirty minutes, and if the ice cream is not available in-store it simply shows a red dot on the map. He tested his website in Germany at around 1500 locations. Within 20 minutes of launch, its website gained some traffic. He first thought that this app is going to be a joke, but he was shocked that people found it interesting. Only true McDonald’s fans would use this website McDonald’s VP of communication David Tovar added.