Merchandizing workers’ Wage Cut Risks


As the coronavirus cases are increasing in number daily and the risk of losing a job is still there due to the unstable economy and situation. Now, the vendor workers were hailed as champions during the first wave of the pandemic, but wage increases were fleeting, and companies, which are booming in business, were slow to pay more. As coronavirus cases rise across the country, vendors are invigorating for another rush of customers wary of new closures and the shortage of the pandemic.


Furthermore, the many retail workers, who worked hard during the last few months are sadly not receiving and increasing the same level of rewards this time, even as the health risks to them upsurges. Even with some companies announcing new risk premium payments in recent days, some industry watchers say many retailers do not share enough of the profits they made during the pandemic with their workers but are instead benefiting from shareholders through share buybacks.

Now, coming to the known store like Amazon, who last month said its three-monthly earnings had increased by nearly 200 percent, ended a $2-hour wage increase for workers earlier this year and then offered a pandemic-related bonus in June, but a spokeswoman said no risk allowance had been provided yet and workers are still looking for it. 

Another known and huge name in store chains, Walmart, described an additional big increase in quarterly sales on Tuesday. But it has paid out a series of special cash bonuses, but the company has not massively raised wages as a way to reward workers during the pandemic. 

Also, another prominent name Kroger grocery chain obtainable promotion at the start of the pandemic and additions through mid-June, but those bonuses are over. Now, employees across the country have thespian protests outside stores asking Kroger to return wages, especially given its booming business – as sales have soared, and recently said its business results for 2021 “will be higher than what we had expected before the Covid-19 pandemic“. This week, the company told workers they would be given discounts at gas stations and a $100 store credit as a “holiday estimate.”

Now, keeping this situation in mind, all the workers who have been working non-stop and risking their lives asking for the increment or bonus which was announced.

The official statement regarding this issue is as follows, “We’re asking workers who have the least sacrifice, and they don’t even get compensation in return,” said Molly Kinder, a fellow at the Brookings Institution, who categorizes the biggest retailers who have been the most generous to them. Workers during a pandemic. “Companies have the money to do this.” But when additional unemployment benefits totaling $600 a week expire at the end of July, many Americans need jobs, making it easier for retailers to attract and retain workers. What is your take on this? Is it unfair? Risk of losing a job? Are wages too low? Comment below and let us know!

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