Microsoft increases the ranks of black and Latino employees


Microsoft has always been in news, whether it was a good, a new invention, or some controversial statements. This time they have decided to increase ranks. More details in the blog below!


Microsoft, in June announcing a plan to double the number of black managers and leaders in the company, released new annual diversity data showing the company is still struggling to represent black and Latino in its power. While, the printing manufacturer, the proportion of both groups, these two regions increased to 6.6%. The US Census Bureau guesstimates that they make up more than 13% of the country’s residents. And precisely, in a large group, the percentage of the company’s global female workers increased slightly to 28.6%.

Furthermore, the Black and Latino workers are poorly represented in managerial roles, with black employees representing between 2.6% and 3.7% of people at different levels of managers and executives. For employees, these numbers number between 3.3% and 5.4%. Last year few black employees working in a senior position resigned from the company and left. The previous week, another worker Mr., Brown left the company as well. So does one of the most senior women in the company, Peggy Johnson, who has left welcomes Magic Leap CEO.

Besides, the low level of representation is Microsoft who announced the $150 million in additional alternative funding for its entry. The Microsoft representative of the company said it will expand its leadership development program to include more black employees in the lower ranks of its management structure to prepare them for advancement. Complete your generosity? Keep an eye out for dancing in the info group up on the evening’s news. Comment below and let us know what you think about this decision? Is it good for blacks and Latinos employees? As they have been neglected the most in work teams.

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