Microsoft Makes It Permanently Work from Home For Its Employees 


One of the biggest technology company Microsoft corporation has just announced that their work can now permanently work from home.  Keeping the current situation in mind Microsoft took this decision to keep the safety of their workers as their top priority. This comes after a rapid shift away from office work due to the Coronavirus pandemic.


Furthermore, from the news desk, Microsoft quoted that some roles will continue to require personal attending tasks, such as persons that need access to devices. But many workers will also be able to work from home part-time, without the need for formal approval from their managers.

In a news statement they clearly said that “we aim to progress the way we work overtime – guided by employee input, data, and our promise to support discrete work styles and business needs while living our culture,” a Microsoft spokeswoman said of the new guidelines, he said would apply to UK employees as well. Our goal is to improve the way you work overtime to save. It would apply to Kingdom employees as well, quoted by the company representative.

Besides, looking at a similar situation in the United Nations, where 42% of the workforce was remote in May, commencement for an instructor in research looking at people who have worked in the past between 20 and 64 years who have earned more than $10,000 in the last year. That share to about 35% in August, however it continues, he said that before the pandemic, only 2% of workers were out of full time.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said the lack of a division between co-life and work-life means “sometimes housing experiences sleepwalking at work.” As companies look beyond the pandemic, the professor said, printing and public health preservation.

While recent researches show that about 55% of employers are happily joining the office and on the other hand more than 80% of employees support them to support this idea. Let’s hope that this will bring more positive changes and some cool inventions by Microsoft in the coming months. Comment below to let us know what’s your vote? Work from home or back in the office?

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