Middle Tennessee Boulevard Kroger closes its doors to grocery shoppers


One of Kroger’s seven locations in Murfreesboro has closed sliding doors to shoppers, but still has a drugstore and fuel center.


According to pharmacist Pam Todd, Kroger, who was established in central Tennessee in 1622, received word in early February that he would no longer operate as a grocery store.

Middle Tennessee Boulevard Kroger closes its doors to grocery shoppers

Todd said, “Bam! They called me Monday morning and said we would close their shop, but we will keep the pharmacy open and the gas station open, “and I said,” What does that mean? ”

Kroger Nashville Branch spokeswoman Melissa Eds said in a press release that the store’s operational changes were due to a “prolonged decline in profitability.”

“For our pharmacy clients, they will continue to be served by professionals familiar with them today,” AIDS said in a statement. The statement listed three fines four miles from 2,449 Old Fort Parkway, Tennessee. The Kroger Office website. , 2325 Memorial Blvd. And 2050 Lascassas Pike).

There are 9 Kroger stores in Rutherford County.

The store now has three small aisles filled with over-the-counter medications such as painkillers, vitamins, and cough, cold, and flu medications. Attached to the top are three surveillance cameras that monitor Advil cans and Pepto Bismol bottles.

The reception window is the only area where customers can purchase their products. The remaining store closed in late February, and the only reminder of its past condition was the agricultural produce area covered in tarpaulin.

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Todd has been a pharmacist for 37 years and she said she wasn’t sure how long the pharmacy would open.

“I think it will depend on how many people keep coming here and can’t buy anything,” Todd said when the pharmacy’s phone rang.

In recent weeks, she has run a pharmacy almost on her own and administered Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine. He said the self-service window would only be used if the pharmacy hired more staff.

Former members of the pharmacy team were concerned about occupational safety and have now moved to other pharmacies in the area. On Sunday, February 28, he invited another member of the Kroger Pharmacy team.

Todd said, “We’ll see how it goes, and I’ll do my best. Life goes on.”

Marvin Cobos, Todd’s patron and longtime client, said his family went to Kroger Hospital to go to the pharmacy. They are shopping elsewhere.

“We love the pharmacy staff here. They are very friendly. Pam is a pioneering pharmacist and one of the best people I’ve ever met. That’s why we came,” said Cobos.

Henry Crawford, 66, said he regularly walked into the pharmacy. His home near Patterson Park is so close that he can take a short walk.

Crawford said, “There are a lot of pharmacies around, but see, it’s very convenient for where I live. It’s a good getaway because I have to exercise anyway. I’m 66 years old and I need to exercise.”

Crawford, like Cobos, said he plans to continue using the Kroger pharmacy near his home. Its main drawback is the need to visit two different places to buy food and recipes.

“As long as the pharmacy stays open, I’m glad I don’t go to other places to take the medicine, but I miss Kroger because if I come to get the medicine I can go shopping,” Crawford said.

Barbara, 62, who refused to reveal her last name, said she was not optimistic that the pharmacy could make ends meet in the long run.

She said she shopped regularly for years and used three in-store services: She and her husband owned drugstores, grocery stores, and gas stations to save fuel.

‘I’ve been here since I was a little kid, and because of a lockdown like that, all the old bits and all the content, this is where they came from. This is crazy, said Barbara, I waited in front. An hour-a-day line to prescribe medication.

He said he doesn’t want to change pharmacies, but due to a lack of additional staff, he may have to do so to get the medication he needs when needed.

When the Rose Discount Store and Fred’s Pharmacy closed and the community was “destroyed”, KC and the Sunshine Band did their best to play “That’s it” through a store spokesperson, while Barbara shared a similar situation.

‘Many people will say,’ Why? Barbara said. “As you know, it is very useful for many people.

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