More Than 60 Million Workers Have Been Replaced By Robots- An Alarming Alert

As technology is growing and slowly making life easier, but the wait is this fair? Recently, more than 60 million people have been replaced by a robot and rocky intelligence. Let’s dig in further to see if this will be getting any better for employees or worse?

While, The World Economic Forum (WEF) recently specified that “a new generation of intellectual machines, underpinned by rapid advancements in menswear (AI) and wear, could replace a large proportion of existing human jobs. Millions of people have lost their jobs because of a bad schedule and according to it, machines will pull more jobs from workers, quoted by the World Economic Council.

Society points to mechanization, about 85 million jobs by 2025. The WEF says it is a cause for concern because its report foresees that a future technology-driven economy will create 97 million new jobs. Nearly 30% of all tasks are done by the people who do the rest. By 2025, it is believed that the balance will revolution intense to a 50-50 mix of humans and machines. Now that’s quite concerning as workers who are suffering already will be replaced.

Furthermore, the maximum economic and sporting prices, reaching $15 trillion in global GDP in 2030. “But it’s time has come for a bit of high human societies.” This wealth will also generate, adding to the demand for jobs, but there are also concerns about It may replace current jobs. ”

It was new technologies that were disrupting working employees and causing long-existing job losses. On the one hand, the argument that orphans will create new jobs and eliminate the need for physical labor. The counter-lawsuit is that people who lack the appropriate skills will be displaced and will not be white in the new environment. Millions will need to be rehabilitated and transformed, while the men will have to empower the men of stronger networks of displaced workers. Sounds great or, a bit worried about it that technology will take over? Comment below your thoughts.


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