MPs call on Europe’s main tour worker to furlough UK workforces


Another tough day for all the employees who might be losing their jobs! Now, according to sources we get to know that British MPs have called on TUI, Europe’s largest tourism company, to put hundreds of employees on seasonal contracts on leave after the company refused to do so.


In addition, the report of job workers showed that the cabin crew of 550 are on “half-year” contracts, which means they are permanent employees during the high season but are not guaranteed to work during the quieter winter months. However, they remain on TUI’s payroll. Besides, Employers must pay National Insurance charities and annuities to registered workers, who receive up to 80 percent of their salaries. The letter to Toei, signed by more than 40 lawmakers and seen by the Financial Times, accuses the company of “intentionally refusing leave to employees who are fully qualified to receive it.”

Previously, Ski workers also fearing their jobs and now the tourist companies might not extend the contracts. In response to this news the official letter quoted that “As a permanent employer, Tui has a duty to take care of her employees to ensure that they are not abandoned during the winter months without income and that there is no possibility of getting a second job,”  However, Jeremy Coy, a labor law specialist at the Russell-Cook law firm, said that for companies, the “risks and uncertainties” of furloughing seasonal workers may outweigh the benefits.

Furthermore, In an email response to the leave requests, Toei told employees that due to the lack of flights this winter, “an additional job offer where there is a clear indication that no condition exists only with the intent to demand additional funding from the government is not how the scheme is being used” and that this Claim could harm Tui’s blanket application for leave. “We are grateful to the UK government for its support of the Job Retention Program grant, but we will only use it when it supports active and viable roles,” Toei said in a statement.

While, the UK vacation scheme has been a lifeline for holiday companies and airlines during the pandemic, and the airline industry has been among the voices calling for an extension to next year. Besides, the companies already facing a finical crisis, and secured 2 billion euros in loans from the German government to keep it afloat during the crisis and are looking to secure another 1.8 billion euros. What are your thoughts on it? Comment below! What can be done to make sectors better especially in COVID-19?

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