Food is a source of travel for our taste buds. It makes us travel around the world. Whenever we eat anything that is related to an other country, a city or a continent even, it takes us directly into that place. In easy words we can say, food tells us about cultures and traditions of a place THAT TOO with providing us all the vital vitamins and calories we need. WHAT A WONDER!


If we ever have to describe a food and store relationship, I would say to choose Kroger and Murray’s cheese. It sure is a delight to see an opposite merge like this.

If you visit any local Kroger store or any other you will always see a splash of red and yellow colour at one of its counter. WARNING: All the employees working at that counter are very serious about it!

In my opinion, Kroger and Murray’s cheese go hand in hand. Want to know why? Well, every time a Murray’s cheese counter opens at a Kroger store or any store operated under Kroger, we can see it doing better. Kroger is all about food and family. Kroger is a big family and Murray’s cheese just out to make the food portion better. They both offer quantity with quality. And THAT is something not everyone is capable to do. Its just like wine. It gets better every time it ages.

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