My favorite baked pasta recipe  

When you know the next meal to be served is a ‘baked pasta’, your eyes get stuck to the clock and a single minute becomes an hour to wait. So, it’s simply irresistible to wait for the first bite of this delicious meal. I have tried many recipes and kept on experimenting until I found this ultimate flavor. I thought to share it with all the pasta lovers out there.


  • Pasta (one pack)
  • Bell pepper (½ cup)
  • Carrots (½ cup)
  • Sweet corn (½ cup)
  • Breast fillet (½ kg)
  • Spring onion (½ cup)
  • Olives (5-7)
  • Mushrooms (3-4)
  • Soy sauce (2 Tbs+2 Tbs)
  • Vinegar (1 Tbs)
  • Salt (1 tsp+1 tsp)
  • Lemon juice (1 Tbs)
  • Red chili flakes (1 tsp +1 tsp)
  • Sugar (1 tsp)
  • Thyme or mixed herbs (quarter tsp)
  • Garlic paste or chopped (1 Tbs)
  • Olive oil (3 Tbs)

For the white sauce:

  • Full cream milk (1 to 1½ liters)
  • Cream (1 cup)
  • Salt (a pinch)
  • Black pepper (quarter tsp)
  • Butter (2 Tbs)
  • Flour (2 Tbs)
  • Mozzarella or cheddar cheese (200 gm)

Preparing grilled chicken:

For preparing grilled chicken, cut the fillet into half and put it in a bowl. Now add garlic, 1 tsp salt, 2 Tbs soy sauce, lemon juice, red chili flakes, and let it rest for at least 20 mins. Now heat a grill pan and add some oil to it before adding the chicken. Heat the chicken over medium to a high flame to get grill marks on both sides and then cook it on medium to slow flame until tender but do not overcook the meat. When done, cut the chicken into thin slices and put aside. While preparing chicken, chop the vegetables or cut them in Julian and shred the cheese as well.

Preparing pasta:

Boil pasta adding salt and some oil for about 8-10 mins. Now in another pan, heat around 3-4 Tbs of oil, add the grilled chicken, and cook it for 2 mins. Then add chopped vegetables and cook them for about 2 mins on high flame. Add boiled pasta, salt (1 tsp), soya sauce (2 Tbs), chili flakes (1 tsp), sugar, vinegar and mix it well and remove from the flame.

Preheating the oven:

Before preparing the sauce, preheat the oven for about 15 mins at 180^C.

Preparing the white sauce:

For preparing white sauce, heat butter in a pan and then add flour and cook for few mins until it turns light brown. Then gradually add milk in it followed by cream, a pinch of salt, and black pepper. Cook for few minutes on medium to high flame until you get the desired consistency (not much thick) and remove it from heat.


Now add the ready pasta into an oven friendly dish, covered by creamy white sauce all over it, and then add shredded cheese over it generously. Add finely chopped green onions, thyme, olives, and a splash of olive oil to give it a good color and crust.


  • Cook the chicken on the high flame at fist to keep its juices intact and don’t cook it for long.
  • Wash the vegetables thoroughly and cut them nicely.
  • Before boiling add some oil in the water so that the pasta doesn’t stick together and make sure it’s not cooked more than 80%.
  • While making the sauce, add few drops of oil to prevent the butter from burning.
  • After adding milk and cream whisk the mixture to avoid any lumps.
  • Make sure the sauce is not too thick or too runny.
  • The quantities may vary (little) according to your taste and preferences.
  • Don’t forget to preheat the oven.
  • And don’t cook the vegetables for more than 2 mins.
  • Pour the white sauce immediately after preparing as it gets thick with time.

I hope you will love this recipe and your guests would also love to have this treat whenever they come to your place.

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