Myths about newborn babies

When a mother gives birth to a child, she faces many difficulties in the early days as it’s a completely new experience for her and she’s loaded with suggestions on how to raise a baby and what to do and what not. Too many different suggestions may confuse the new mother so it’s good to know about the myths that are medically proven and the ones that are just myths.

The elderly women, being experienced tend to give many suggestions that may be useful but we need to understand the fact that every child is different so everything doesn’t work on every child. The early days are more crucial for the newcomer because it’s a completely new world for him so he needs some time to get adjusted to the things here. So, there’s no need to get panic and get worried about everything as it’s just the adjustment period for the new life. Let’s discuss some myths about the life of a newborn.

Infants need a bath every day

Although it’s no harm to bathe your child daily if he enjoys it, babies don’t need a bath every day. Simply cleaning their face, neck, hands, and the nappy area is sufficient. You may use slightly wet cotton to clean them too.

Newborns mostly sleep

There’s no doubt that newborns sleep a lot (as their body has to grow) as compared to us but at times they may get cranky at midnights. The truth is that they sleep in cycles of about 2-3 hours and when they wake up, they need feeding, changing, feeling of closeness and affection, and pampering to have more sleep.

Picking up a crying baby will spoil him

No, picking up a crying baby will not spoil him rather this may be a sign that something is wrong with him. Crying is the only language in which a baby can communicate in his early days. So, a crying baby needs to be addressed immediately and relieved. It’s not always hunger that makes him cry, but it may be colic at times or simply he needs a touch of affection to feel protected so hold him gently and soothe him.

Always Bundle

Mothers are mostly confused about how many layers of clothes to cover or pack the baby in. When it’s moderate, there’s no need to bundle the baby in layers of sweaters, blankets, or jackets as this is a misconception. Babies are happiest when they are covered only in layers that can help maintain their natural body temperature and they don’t like sweating.

Letting infants cry is good for their lungs

The elderly people would advise you to let a baby cry for it would be healthy for his lungs but it’s not true as there is no medical evidence supporting it. Don’t ignore a crying infant because they need to be felt secure and loved.

Babies need to poo every day

If the baby maintains a healthy weight and is not constipated, it is normal for him to poop once in a day or as infrequently as once in a week.

Baby walkers will help them walk sooner

There is no evidence that baby walkers help them walk sooner rather they may damage their muscle development and cause serious injuries if not used under parental guidance. They are even banned in several countries like Canada due to the danger they pose to babies like falling downstairs while sitting in it and causing serious head injuries.

Teething causes fever

Teething doesn’t cause fever but as it starts at the age when babies are susceptible to getting infections so it’s usually mistaken that it causes fever. It should be clear that fever may be due to the infection caused when the baby tries to put everything into the mouth to soothe his teething discomfort. So, a fever during teething should not be mistaken for just teething and medical advice should be sought.

All babies are the same

Home remedies have always been popular when it comes to soothing a baby and you could find a number of them from experienced mothers. They may be a good alternate for medicines but you need to understand the fact that every child is not the same. So, one remedy that works perfectly well for your baby may not be useful for the other. A mother should try to understand her baby as much as possible and then go for remedies accordingly.

Sleeping habits

As a mother, you will come across a number of advices for your baby’s sleeping habits. Doctors recommend that swaddling helps babies sleep, their mattress should be firm and they should sleep on their back.

Putting honey on the dummy will help to teethe

This is also a common myth but it has to do nothing with teething. Teething is a natural process and will take its time.

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