Nashville Kroger Employee Occurrence of Misbehave by Shopper


According to the recent statement, panhandler was suspects of throwing strawberries and baskets at a Nashville Kroger employee. Yes, you heard it right!  Right after the incident was reported, a woman faces a felony charge. After police said she attacked a manager while she was forcibly walking inside a Hillsborough West End grocery store Tuesday afternoon.


Now, the police statement showed that the officers responded shortly before two in the afternoon. To Kroger at 21st Avenue South near Blair Boulevard, where an attack was reported. An arrest warrant alleges that Erica Jones, who has been banned from Kroger for past trespassing, was “harassing people for money.”

Nashville Kroger Employee Occurrence of Misbehave by Shopper 1

When a manager asked the 41-year-old to leave, the police report stated that she “picked up plastic baskets” and threw them in in an attempt to hit the employee. Then she grabbed and threw a box of strawberries, and eventually crushed it on the ground, investigators said.

Nashville Kroger Employee Occurrence of Misbehave by Shopper 2

While, in this regard the Officers said they saw surveillance video from inside the Kroger that showed Jones “throwing baskets and strawberries.” She was later located on Wedgwood Street and 21st Street South, where she was held. Jones was detained in the Metro Prison Tuesday evening on charges including burglary, assault, theft and vandalism. The Kroger worker is fine and not injured by the attack. Now, what are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comment section below!

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