Need to Change The Text Color Used For Signs in MineCraft


Minecraft a very popular and addictive for youngsters across the world which was released in 2009 and has gained a lot of attention over these years. The great thing about this game is has created an open world for you where you can create almost anything in this world created by Minecraft but it is based on your creativity.


There are rules created in a way that it becomes challenging and interesting for the users to play this game and learn how the player workaround. Many tricks are updated to maintain interest and explore new things. 

During this tenure of 10 years every time you have something new to learn, Today we will guide you on how to change test color for signs as shown below:

text color signs change codes in minecraft game

These signs can be created with wood of any type, whereas, the default color is always black. Using Oak for Signs is also fine but when it comes to Dark Oak, you may find it difficult to read it. Now let us teach you the trick, how to change the text color for the signs. The below method is good for both JAVA and UWP versions.

The Section Symbol

Now to change the color of the signs we first have to affirm the color before initiating entering text for the sign. To affirm the color, we will first enter Section Symbol “§then we will enter the desired color code.  

If you are using Windows 10, you can use a shortcut for entering the Section Symbol, pressing the Alt Key or 0167 should do the trick.

Minecraft color codes

To check the color codes, you can simply visit “DigMinecraft” and get all the desired details accordingly. Below tabular shows the Colors with their corresponding codes for your perusal;

minecraft game color codes

Using Minecraft color codes

Since we have a good idea about the selection of color code, now we shall go over to change the color of text on the signs. 

First place the Section Symbol Ҥ and then the text for your desired color code.

Make sure that the text complete before entering the second line, text should not overflow to the second line. The example mentioned below:

  • This is a test §fsign

minecraft color change code with example mentioned in the image

Separate codes are assigned if you want to change text style such as Bold, Italic, etc. other than color codes. The tabular below shows different codes assigned for styles.

seperate color codes for minecraft game codes

You need to enter this code at the beginning of each line on the sign. In case the Text extends to the second line, the remaining text in the next line will be displayed with the default color.