New at Kroger? Need guidance regarding Feeding Your Future


New at Kroger? Don’t have much knowledge regarding how to log into your portal provided by Kroger? If yes then we can guide you with an easy method to log into your feed Your future or Greatpeople Kroger app.


As one of the newly joined intern at Kroger posted at the public forum Kroger that “New student intern here. Joined due to the new feeding your future program but HR cannot provide any details and the great people site is not working. Anyone here has details of the program?  Minimum work hours, 6months on the job to qualify, payback requirement, etc. Thanks”

In this regard, all you have to do ask your HR manager and they send you a contract which is also available at the feed your future app. Just log in and go to the benefits section. Then you can request for you to submit the agreement and application to the HR representative in your store 30 or more days before classes begin. They must be of an age that will benefit you now or in the future for your future position or position at Kroger. You can ask for $500 to $200 in between for the books and registration etc. while after the course you may earn up to an additional amount worth $3,000 per year. if you pass or earn a grade of C or better. You must work for Kroger for at least a year after completion or you owe them a refund. There is a limit of $21,000 over the lifetime.

Let us know if you want more assistance regarding your feed your future. We would love to answer your concerns. Do comment below!

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