New CFC in Romulus, Michigan (Press Release)


Kroger and a world leader in technology of grocery ecommerce announced Romulus as their new location for the latest Customer Fulfilment Centre on 28th September 2020. (Too much for just a month? Its a NO from Kroger.)


Kroger decided to invest $95 million for a 135,000 square foot large area, creating 25p new job options for people. Meaning a high rate of employment for people of Romulus.

The CFC is expected to become operation in under 18 month of time period. (Too fast? I know.) It will also support customers in several markets including Michigan, Northern Ohio and Indiana.

This is what happens when two goods combine to make a greater good. It will not only increase the employment rate but also help increase the economy of these areas where building a facility THIS BIG is hard as well as new. Kroger is definitely making this world a better place to live.