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According to the recent news, America’s largest grocery store Kroger began considering adding the Earned Pay Access feature. This feature will allow employees to receive some of their earned wages before the specified payday in 2019.


In addition, they said “to meet the needs of our weekly paid partners who typically live from paycheck to paycheck,” says Teresa Monti, vice president. The Kroger Total Rewards. She was planning to first try out a program before introducing it to a large number of her workers. Then COVID-19 struck. The pandemic, which has seen many employees suffer financially from layoffs, vacations and reduced work hours, has caused Kroger to quickly rethink its slow deployment plans.

Kroger Offers Employees Instant Pay Access

On Wednesday at the virtual Spring HR Technology conference and exhibition, Monty said: “When the COVID pandemic struck, we backed down and said, ‘What can we do to help our partners quickly? “We knew we had to implement [prompt payment] quickly.” The grocer has partnered with an app that tells workers how much they have earned since their last payday, and gives them access to the wages they earned before their next check.

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“Often times, if you do an hourly turn – with overtime, shifts, and different hours – you really aren’t able to figure out how much you’re paid for with certainty,” Jenny Walden, chief innovation officer, said. “But by accessing the earned salary, employees log into the app to see how much they’ve earned from their employer, so they can relate that to their budget and bill. For example, if you’ve won $ 417 so far and there are only three days left until one day. Pay, but I know that I need $ 500 to cover my rent and other expenses, so I might decide to have another shift. ”

Furthermore, instead of a long-term beta program as it initially planned, Kroger rolled out the app to all store workers across the country within weeks early last year – one of the fastest benefits the company has ever had. The business owner also made sure to market and inform the new feature by placing banners in grocery stores, adding information about the interest on the company’s intranet page and training managers and workers in its use.

DailyPay was a welcome relief to Kroger’s 400,000 employees, Monty said: “Overall, the comments have been very positive. People see it as insurance.” She said, “It is there if I need it, I have the app, I downloaded it, And I don’t use it all the time, but I know it is there if I desperately need it. ”The app has also been a big help lately during snowstorms in the South. Since many Texas workers have a hard time getting their paper checks in the mail during storms, it has lost Many workers turned to DailyPay to get their salaries.

Access to earned wages has been a growing technical tool for human resources, and benefits for employees, over the past several years. Mike West, Visa Direct Vice President at Visa, said during the session that COVID-19 is rapidly accelerating its growth due to the pandemic’s changing economic conditions.

“The Coronavirus has rapidly disrupted labor markets,” he said. “We’ve seen millions of people leave work or lose their jobs; others have had to adjust to working from home. Many other people who were deemed essential have continued to work. Workers having money can be crucial to making ends meet.”

Even before the pandemic, 78% of workers were living off pay-for-pay, he said, referring to the Harris poll. And 44% of these workers saved less than $ 500 for unexpected expenses. Now, financial fragility is made worse by the pandemic. As a result, “the acquisition of earned wages or wages on demand has increased dramatically, especially in the past year,” West said. Now, what is your take on this? Is it good for Kroger employees? let us know in the comment section below!

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