New Midland Costco is Ready to open on November 12th and aiming to break new membership records


Residents of Midlands might just have the most exciting November this year as Midland’s newest membership based-box store is all set to open on November 12th just in time for the holiday season, meaning residents of Midland will be taking full advantage of the exciting Black Friday Deals and discounts being offered by Costco.


The new retail store will be located on 4816 Bay City Road and is reportedly known for its pallets which means Costco will sell mass quantities of selected goods instead of several variations of one product. Moreover, the new Costco store will also have a tire shop, an optics center, a hearing aid station, a fuel station, and a pharmacy as reported by Midland Daily News.

Once the store is open to the public, it will also offer delivery through its official website and InstaCart, Costco’s partner for delivering goods and services. Not just this, Costco’s Marketing Coordinator Alyssa Hiltunen has confirmed that the brand-new store is aiming to break the record for new memberships sold before the Midland location is open to the public. The memberships sold to Midwest in Traverse City were 12,133 and Hiltunen hopes for Midland to beat the record. If you’re a resident of Midland and want to play your part in making Midland’s Costco the store to have the highest memberships, you might want to purchase your membership before November 12th.

You can get your Costco Membership at any of the sign-up tents that are set up throughout Midland, or you can get it directly from the tent set up in Infront of the Costco store. You can get a gold star membership for $60 and an executive membership (including 2% back on qualifying items and other incentives) for $120. Your membership will be valid for about 1 year and can be purchased with cash, credit card, or debit card, and a check. All you need to take with you is a driving license.

Please note: membership is necessary to purchase any item at Costco excluding alcohol and pharmacy items. So, if you want to avail the best Black Friday Deals going on right now, you need to hurry up and get a Costco membership. Along with the exciting Black Friday deals, A Costco membership enables you to get almost everything at a discounted price, from household items to food, even home and auto insurance!

About Costco:

Costco is the second-largest retailer in the world and the world’s largest retailer of choice and prime beef, organic foods, rotisserie chicken, and wine as of 2016. The wholesaler also operates over 500 locations in the United States alone.

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