New sustainable way to purchase and refurbish merchandise is on its way to Kroger

Just in: Kroger which is the largest grocery retailer in town has just announced future betterment plans. While they have introduced the Loop, an innovative program built on durable, reusable packaging for brands that can escort in a new paradigm for how consumers purchase and refurbish consumables. It will arrive at select Fred Meyer stores in the Portland area in September.

New sustainable way to purchase and refurbish merchandise is on its way to Kroger

While how it will work? And how it will hold proprietary goods? Well, as per the Kroger statement they said that the durable packaging will be including food, beverages, and personal care items. It will be in attractive sturdy packing that is meant to be collected, cleaned, repacked, and resold after use in the style of propane tanks or beer kegs, and will mark the first of the following. While the Loop is an American grocery store that builds on Kroger’s leadership in waste reduction while building on its longstanding brand partnerships.

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In addition, Kroger was announced as the exclusive US partner of Loop in 2019, participating in online beta programs. Loop is a division of TerraCycle Waste Company, which is separately behind the retailer’s move to make its brand packaging 100% recyclable over the coming years.

Furthermore, Loop’s CEO stated that “Kroger was one of the first retailers to sign up overall, and that sent a really great message. We’ve really been able to grow thanks to their commitment. They’ve brought in a lot of brands because of their power to influence companies, so they’ve been a cornerstone of our business. Helping establish this as a multi-stakeholder movement in the retail space.”

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