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According to the recent reports of Kroger shooting case. The Federal prosecutors said Gregory Bush shot Maurice Stallard and Vicky Lee Jones and killed them because they were black.


A white Kentucky man who killed two blacks at a grocery store in October 2018 pleaded guilty to federal hate crimes and firearms charges. While, the Federal prosecutors said on Thursday that Gregory Bush, 53, of Louisville, had targeted victims because of their race.

White man pleads guilty to hate crimes in deadly Kroger store shooting

Furthermore, back in October 24, 2018 the shooting occurred shortly before 3 pm at the Kroger Store in Jefferson Town. Bush said during the hearing that he went to the store armed with a Smith & Wesson pistol, according to a press release from the Justice Department. After walking inside, he followed a black man who was shopping with his grandson.

The incident which took place at Kroger store. In this regard, Prosecutors said Bush shot the man, 69-year-old Morris Stallard, in the back of the head and then shot him multiple times in the torso, killing him. The press release said Bush then reinstalled his rifle and “went out quietly from the store.”

In the parking lot of Kroger grocery store, Bush walked towards Vicky Lee Jones, 67, and shot her multiple times in the head and body. Jones, a black woman, died at the scene.

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While, Prosecutors said Bush shot the man and then walked away. Authorities earlier said that the man, identified by local media as Dominic Rozier, was not beaten. According to the allegation, Bush was met by a legally armed white man in the parking lot of the store. Bush told this man not to shoot him and said, “Whites don’t shoot eggs,” according to the press release. “A plea of ​​guilty today will ensure that a violent and troubled man will not get another opportunity to target and intimidate the black community,” lead deputy assistant attorney general Pamela S.Carlan said in a statement.

“It will not bring back the two pillars of Louisville community, whose tragic and absurd death we mourn, but we hope it sends the message that the Department of Justice will work tirelessly to bring perpetrators of bias-motivated violence to justice.” Now, what is your take on this? Let us know in the comment section below!

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