North Texas Companies Offer Five Keys to Keeping Employees Busy While Working From Home


Here’s interesting news for you all who have been working from home! Now we know that the global pandemic spreading rapidly and, many companies expect to continue working remotely. At a recent meeting of the Dallas Regional Chamber’s Talent Attraction Council, members shared that less than 25% of their employees had returned to work in person. Among those who remain completely away, the majority do not have plans or a specific timeline to get employees back to the workplace.


In addition, the managers of the company’s ability to return to the office depend mainly on the capacity and type of workplace. One company stated that most of its employees prefer to make remote work permanent, and many are expecting a long-term hybrid system. Of course, now there are new laws and rules if you want to work at the office. 

Keeping this situation in mind here the good news is that over the past seven months, companies have come up with creative ways to maintain productivity and strong culture, even at default settings. With extended remote work arrangements, keeping employees engaged and motivated is a bigger priority for companies looking to retain and attract workers. According to the studies which have been shown excellent results that unrelated employees are three times more likely to leave their organizations within 90 days, and companies with high employee engagement are 21% more profitable.

Here’s the view from the company Chad Stirling Altair Global CEO “We can see that people are struggling and that the ability to address these [issues] is critical. “What we do next is meet up at City Hall, at least once a month, and talk through what we saw, what people say, and what people feel most of all. We try to fill in the gaps that way, so it was just a strategy to ask questions and listen. And communication. “

Most importantly, companies need to praise and appreciated the employees. Employees who feel valued for their work tend to be more productive and motivated to contribute. From verbal recognition to small gifts, there are many ways to show appreciation.

Another way which can do wonders is that few companies have delivered stacked boxes to help employees organize at home as well as gift cards to Door Dash. Besides, many employees juggle personal obligations at home with their professional responsibilities, often working long hours for sustained periods. Not only do employees deal with the stress of home and work, but they also go through a period of uncertainty. Managers are now transforming mental health initiatives to suit individual needs. Few companies are even hosting virtual cooking sessions to informational talks to motivate the employees. Well, now this is thoughtful, What are your views on it? Comment below!

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