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A year after the pandemic, the data shows how grocery shopping has changed and what this means for retailers. As a result of the epidemic, a record year for grocery sales, including a period of stock shopping, home delivery food, safe and convenient online services, and the explosive growth in pier receipts / deliveries, retailers are looking forward to a one- lifespan will be restored In 2021.


The introduction of vaccines, the reopening of many businesses and the return of indoor restaurants will impact food sales this year, although those numbers will continue to rise for most of this year.

Latest Sales Trends During The Pandemic

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How unprecedented is the impact of the Coronavirus on the grocery sector? From online sales to consumer spending, to changes in shopping behavior and the growth of categories (toilet paper, anyone?), Research reports and data from the past 12 months show the industry is undergoing massive changes. Here are some headlines:

  • US online sales hit a new high of $ 9.3 billion in January 2021 and topped all-time high of $ 8.8 billion in June 2020.
  • Excluding January, spending on consumer goods rose by double digits per month in 2020.
  • Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, nearly two-thirds of consumers have indicated that they have switched their shopping loyalty to cheaper brands.
  • During the epidemic, meat sales rose by an unprecedented 34.6%, while frozen food sales were up 21% from the previous year.
  • More than half of supermarkets report that supermarket sales increased by 10% or more during the coronavirus outbreak.
  • 85% of consumers say their goal is to eat more home-cooked meals at home or as many meals as before the pandemic, when the situation returns to its “new normal”.

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