NYC residents can now get grocery deliveries in just 15 minutes! Thanks to DoorDash!


In NYC’s Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan, DoorDash, an online food delivery platform, will kickstart its “ultra-fast” grocery delivery service on Monday, offering deliveries in less than 15 minutes beginning with a new DashMart shop.


The convenience tab or website of DoorDash will facilitate customers within the delivery zone to place an order for DashMart that will be delivered in less than 15 minutes, from Monday. The DashMart Chelsea location will be open every day from 7 a.m. to 2 a.m., including holidays. For DashPass members, deliveries will be free with reduced fees.

“Since DoorDash has the largest and most reliable logistics network in the United States, it is ideally positioned to enter this emerging industry and provide quality, speed, and convenience that customers know and trust,” said Christopher Payne, DoorDash’s president. “DoorDash already attracts many New Yorkers for their next meal or essential purchases, so we are in a strong position to deliver on the promise of ultra-fast delivery. In the future, we hope to offer this service to grocery and convenience partners as well. DashMarts chose to start this service because consumers increasingly expect an effortless, enjoyable experience.”

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Couriers seeking a regular schedule and consistent earnings will be able to take advantage of 15-minute deliveries, which require a different operating model to ensure orders are fulfilled instantly and that merchants and customers are satisfied. DoorDash’s company, DashCorps, will employ full-time couriers who will work on schedule, be managed, and use an app designed exclusively for their work that goes beyond simply delivering packages. In addition to hourly wages, this will provide medical benefits like dental and vision insurance.

“Hundreds of thousands of individuals across the United States rely on platforms like DoorDash for supplemental income, giving them unprecedented flexibility and choice,” said Payne. “DashCorps provides a different type of work opportunity for its employees. We are excited about this opportunity because it gives people a new economic opportunity that fits their lives.”

Food waste has become the major issue these days, to overcome it DoorDash is planning to donate excess DashMart produce to Chelsea Community Fridge & Cupboard as part of a continuous effort to reduce food waste.

DoorDash introduced DashMarts in 2020 providing customers with an online one-stop-shop store that they can access on-demand for a variety of essential items while providing a new way for local businesses to reach consumers. It certainly has transformed the method for merchant partners to sell their retail products through DoorDash’s quick delivery platform as more than 2,000 items such as fresh and frozen grocery staples, snacks local products, and household goods are offered.

As part of DoorDash’s partnership with local merchants, the company offers packaged staples from restaurants New Yorkers love, including Carbone Fine Foods’ pasta sauces, Roberta’s Frozen Pizzas, and Baz Bagels. There are currently 400 DashMarts supporting local and regional companies of producers/retailers, including Cravory Cookies in San Diego and The Cookie Fellow in Dallas. Additional stores are to be opened and more partners are expected to join the hands over the next few months.