Olivia Newton-John opens up about her battle with cancer and reveals how John Travolta is doing the following wife Kelly Preston’s death


Olivia Newton-John, a well Known British Australian Singer, Actress, Songwriter, and dancer opens up about her battle with cancer. 


Recently in an interview with “Mirror”, she expressed herself about ‘Living with cancer’ and her feelings about losing her friends to the disease.

Olivia has been diagnosed with cancer about 3 times since 1992, she is currently 73 years old and recently she has lost a very close friend Kelly Preston who has died from breast cancer. Kelly Preston was John Travolta’s wife and a close friend of Olivia. 

Olivia has a history with Kelly and John Travolta as she starred alongside John in the movie “Grease” and she became friends for a couple of decades.

Olivia mentioned that John and Kelly kept their relationship very private and she honors that, further added that 

The death of my friends has only strengthened my resolve to find a world beyond cancer.” 

As for her own journey, Olivia insists that she’s ‘doing fantastic‘ after weaning herself off morphine by using cannabis. 

Olivia is currently in the fourth stage of metastatic breast cancer.

In January very hopeful news was revealed that her tumor has reduced in size ‘which Olivia further clarified on Sunday telegraph that using cannabis and natural remedies in addition to the conventional medicine have now significantly improved her health.

Olivia was diagnosed with cancer in 1992 (first time), 2013 (second time), and 2017 (third time). She had spent many years convincing the Australian government to permit to use of medicinal cannabis for cancer patients.

Olivia is working on new music to fund Newton-John Foundation for Cancer treatments.

John Travolta and Kelly Preston first met in 1989 for the film and started dating since then. John proposed to Kelly in 1991 new Year’s eve at the palace Hotel Gstaad, Switzerland. Later they were married with three children. Kelly died this year on July 12, 2020, after a consecutive 2 years of her battle with breast cancer.

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