One Kroger employee apologizes after rejecting a pregnant woman’s COVID-19 vaccine


According to the incident details, Tiffany Del Rio’s appointment has been canceled and we are told the vaccine is not for pregnant women, but Kroger says that was a mistake.


One Kroger employee apologizes after rejecting a pregnant woman's COVID-19 vaccine 1

Here’s the complete detail about it! An Kroger employee at health center apologizes in our district after a pregnant woman has been turned away from a COVID-19 vaccine. A company spokeswoman said it was a “sincere mistake” based on a local misinterpretation of the guidelines. While, the Tiffany Del Rio and her husband live in Northern Virginia and are expecting their second child. Pregnancy is stressful enough, not to mention pregnancy during a pandemic.

Further she said that “I was really disappointed that after spending hours at my computer scrolling through the system to find a vaccine that I discovered days ago, I’m not going to get it,” Del Rio said. Using Facebook groups dedicated to outsourcing mass vaccine appointments, Del Rio secured a place in our necks in the woods at Kroger at Salem’s Lakeside Plaza. She received two confirmations and then two days before her scheduled appointment, the pharmacy called to say that her appointment had been canceled because she was pregnant.

One Kroger employee apologizes after rejecting a pregnant woman's COVID-19 vaccine 2

Del Rio said: “The doctor who visited this particular Kroger excessively, I don’t know if another doctor, too, made the decision not to vaccinate pregnant women with the Pfizer vaccine.” Del Rio said that Salem Kroger staff told her that Pfizer is not recommended for pregnant women, a claim she believes is wrong. While the CDC is still studying the effects of the Pfizer vaccine on pregnant women, the agency does not say that pregnant women should not receive it. Pregnancy is an essential condition, and the CDC said that pregnant and eligible women may choose to be vaccinated. Last month, Pfizer told NBC News that it would enroll up to 4,000 pregnant women in clinical trials.

“I have many pregnant friends who work on the front lines of health care, so know that many of them have already received the vaccine,” said Del Rio. In a statement Kroger said in part that “it was an honest mistake because of misinterpretation of instructions” and “a customer who visited our store to get a vaccine should not have been refused.” Del Rio said she contacted Kroger immediately after the accident but did not get a direct answer. Now Kroger says that they are offering her another date to fix it.

“I mean, at the end of the day, I just want my appointment to get a vaccine, and so I hope Kroger will implement policies that adhere to the country’s guidelines and its own guidelines for what they look like,” Del Rio said. Kroger encourages everyone to receive whatever vaccine is available to them as soon as they are eligible.

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Here’s the official statement by the Kroger

We apologize for the disappointment and inconvenience this Kroger customer experienced. This was an honest mistake due to misinterpretation of the guidelines. However, a customer who visited our store should not be refused a vaccine. Pharmacists providing vaccinations have been reminded of our current vaccination policies, which include vaccinating pregnant women. We are doing what we can to fix it and would like to vaccinate this individual at Kroger Pharmacy.

We are proud of the more than 665,000 vaccines against COVID-19 that pharmacists have given so far across the country. Kroger encourages everyone to receive whatever vaccine is available to them as soon as they become eligible.

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