One of the largest grocery chain in the world announces on-premises kitchen


Kroger is the 5th largest retail company that has a wide amount of 2500 stores across the world. When someone wants to establish a business, he comes up with different and innovative ideas because the bigger your chances are of standing out, the bigger and better your business will be.


People want new things. Humans have this nature where they want to try things that are different and new. And when you provide humans with what they want, you succeed. But sometimes companies as big as Kroger join hands with other companies to provide their society with something bigger and better.

This time its ClusterTruck. Yes, you heard it right. Kroger and ClusterTruck have partnered together to provide us with the BEST OF BEST. Now, you might be wondering “What is ClusterTruck?”, “How will all this happen?”, “What is the motive behind this partnership and a lot more questions like this. Well, let me explain.

What is ClusterTruck?

In easy words, it is a restaurant that provides its customer the wide range of street foods from all around the world. Rather than making us go to the countries, it brings the countries to us.

Food industry have seen to be growing in the past years because if one thing that has not been yet changed in a man is that he constantly wants change. And food industry has brought us that continuously. Back to the times when only dish of rice we used to have was of boiled rice to now that we have a variety of dishes in that particular area like egg fried rice, biryani or tahdig. Food is a source of travel for us, sometimes we can’t even go to places but the food does not only brings us the countries, it also brings us it’s ethnicities, cultures and traditions.

And in my opinion ClusterTruck and Kroger’s partnership is going to provide us the best of BEST!

Raising the bar high for its competitors

If there is one thing that we know about food is that you’ll find A LOT OF COMPETITION here. But somehow this partnership has not only raised the bars high for them it has also changed the whole game.

In-premises kitchen for a quick delivery is a new idea. Meaning the customers would have easy approach to food. They announced earlier this October that there would be 80 meals that the customer could pick from. They have taken business strategies and tactics UP A NOTCH.

The new in-premises kitchen is now open in Metro Indianapolis and would soon open in Ohio later this year.

In 137 years that Kroger has been introduced in this world, it has overcome any problem thrown at it so competitors won’t be a thing.

How will this partnership work?

Over time, people changed the way they used to manage their businesses. In the starting they used to invest in other capitals under the same name to open another business, now with the new approach that Kroger and ClusterTruck have taken, there are two big investments under same capital. In other words we can say they are gaining revenue and income that is double through the same one big capital that was introduced.

In my opinion, it not only does work for their own benefits but also the customers and employees of that particular store. Kroger has always been about taking care of bot only the people around it but also the environment as well and Kroger also inspires it’s partners to do the same as well. As I have always said, Kroger’s secret code to success is Unity. They are UTTER PERFECTION!

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