Kroger made this breaking news public on 8th October 2020. They not only broke the internet by saying that they are partnering with ClusterTruck but also they told that they would be launching on-premises kitchen for delivery services to their customers in stores at Metro Indianapolis, IN, and Metro Columbus, OH meaning a whole set of competition set for Kroger’s rivals. (Talk about setting the standards high.) Well, I know you would be having a lot of questions like what is ClusterTruck? How is this a new competition? What service would they provide? Allow me to explain. Starting from the very first question:


What is ClusterTruck?

It is a delivery-only restaurant that provides its customers with the best of its best service. Across the world, food is said to be a source of travel because it takes us to places we can’t be or let us be real where we’ll NEVER be! ClusterTruck provides a vast number of meals inspired by street foods from different parts of the world.

How will their partnership works?

“Kroger remains focused on providing our customers with fresh food and experiences enabled by industry-leading insights”

Over time, people changed the way they did their business. Now they have changed all their business tactics and strategies. At the start of times, people used to hire other places under the same name as their first business and have it worked by the number of people to provide customer services. But now they invest in the same area where they have built their first business and run both the business jointly. The same is the case with Kroger and ClusterTruck’s partnership. They have raised their bars so high. Now in the respective stores in Metro Indianapolis and Columbus, there would be a kitchen where Kroger customers can enjoy 80 different meals inspired from food street from around the world. The area that they would be contributing to this partnership is 1000 square feet each where ClusterTruck’s staff would prepare meals for customers for quick delivery and in-store pickup.

Raising the bar with their partnership

By this time, I am really not surprised by the signs of progress that Kroger is making in its investments. And all of the investments that they have made, have had some kind of positive effect. This partnership would not only create hurdles for their competitors but also their competitors have to have a better idea for their businesses to cross an idea THIS BIG AND THIS BETTER. They have increased their food and beverage revenue and it is CRAZY! This partnership will not only give Kroger customers the best of taste but also it will increase the revenue for their respective stores as well. Along with their revenue, they have increased their customers’ expectations as well. Taking customers to a world tour through the taste that they would put in their mouth is not something everyone is capable of but Kroger and ClusterTruck gives their best. According to the sources, their first on-premises kitchen is open in Fisher and the other will open later this year in Dublin.

In my opinion, all the partnerships that Kroger has made over its 137 years of exquisite work, they have all been very beneficial for their business income and revenue ALSO they haven’t lost the sight of what best for their customers and providing them the best customer service as well. And if you ask me, this, THIS is what makes a business AN EMPIRE! When you look after people around you while you are looking for yourself too, this is when you know, you can RUN AN EMPIRE EASILY! This is what makes Kroger an empire rather than just a chain of grocery stores.

Kroger Press Release:

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