Police Investigate Alleged Sexual assault at Lincoln Park Kroger Vaccine Clinic


Sad incident took place at Kroger Lincoln Park Kroger site. Where two women alleged that they were sexually assaulted. They said they were sexually assaulted while receiving the COVID vaccine


On this incident the police started the investigation, Tonys Davis fought an uphill battle to get his daughters to get the COVID-19 vaccine. “You know how hard it is to try to get people to get this done, and I’ve been working with them,” he said. Davis finally convinced his daughters, ages 19 to 22, to get vaccinated. They all went to Kroger’s in Lincoln Park and were escorted individually to a room with the blinds closed on the window. By the man giving their vaccine. Davis described the man as possibly in his fifties.

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Further they described that when his first daughter came out, he knew something was weird. “She has a blank look on her face and I thought maybe it was just a needle,” he said. The second daughter came out and asked him the question that made him see red. She said, “Dad, are they supposed to press your breasts while you are getting the injection? And I said, ‘No, they’re not supposed to do anything like that. ” Davis immediately alerted the appalled store manager, then went to the police.

The Kroger office said in a statement:

“The individual in question is not currently administering vaccines. We are working with local law enforcement on this open investigation and cannot comment further at this time. Lincoln Park Police said the department takes the allegations seriously and wants to know if there are other women who have had the same experience. If you have also a victim please come forward and let the police know about it. You can contact Lincoln park police to report any incident regarding sexual assault.

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