Publix Pharmacy to fill pet on prescription at all its Georgia Locations


After Publix’s Florida pharmacies announced to file pet medication prescriptions in July, its Georgia pharmacies have decided to follow through.


According to Publix, the available medication prescription include anti allergies, antibiotics, arthritis, and anti-inflammatory drugs, bronchitis, dry eyes, ear-related issues, endocrine (diabetes, hypothyroidism, Addison’s disease, Cushing’s syndrome), heart failure, heartworm, flea and ticks, motion sickness and seizures.

You can order prescriptions that do not require refrigeration through ScriptDrop for home delivery for a delivery fee of $5. Publix also wants you to note that insurances do not cover medications for your pets. If you want to transfer a prescription, you will need to call your nearest Publix Pharmacy as transfers can not be done through the ScriptDrop service. For detailed information please visit

Publix, which stands at one of the United States’ largest regional grocery chains operates 1251 stores in various states and was recently said to be among the nation’s most ‘’ digitally mature’’ retailers by a study conducted by digital Insights Firm Incisive. The company was also rated as ‘’Highest Customer Satisfaction with Supermarket Pharmacies’’ Eight out of the Last Ten Years by J.D. Power.

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