Publix Takes Lead on Seafood Sustainability Yet Again!


Publix has teamed up with a salmon farmer Atlantic Sapphire, who it was reportedly approached by years ago to advance its seafood sustainability efforts.


The Supermarket which operates around 1500 stores all over Southeastern U.S now plans to sell farm raised salmon in various stores from November through a collaboration with salmon farmer Atlantic Sapphire, reports Grocery Dive. Publix costumers have trusted the store for decades due to the maintained quality of its products and costumer service standards. In 2019, seafood suppliers to Publix were subjected to new reported requirements and documentation in regards to standard setting for the supplies.

The land based Farm the Supermarket has reportedly collaborated with harvests salmon without the use of antibiotics and hormones. Many supermarkets in recent times have shifted their focus on environmental protection and sustainability whether its Walmart or Target. This month, Albertsons too teamed up with FishWise to honor National Seafood Month in October and planned to focus more on seafood sustainability. However, credit where its due: Publix has always been dedicated to this cause. For example, it has been one of few grocery store retailers in the United States to offer fresh, unfrozen fish with a huge variety soon after they land at the dock. A summit was also held by the company in 2019 where seafood sustainability and quality assurance of its seafood items were discussed.

In an email to Grocery Dive, Guy Pizzuti Publix’s Business Development Director for seafood commented

We are committed to sustainable seafood, and have been for decades… From our partnership with [Sustainable Fisheries PartnershipSFP to our sustainable seafood labels that bring complete transparency to our customers — we take our role in promoting greater sustainability in the seafood industry seriously

Atlantic Sapphire, which the Supermarket has collaborated with was reported to plan and expand its footprint in locations of Giant Eagle, H-E-B, New Seasons Market, Safeway, Sobeys, Sprout Farmers Market and Wegmans. Johan Andreassen, CEO Atlantic Sapphire says on the website for his company,

we knew we had the potential to have an enormous impact on the salmon industry, and with much of the seafood imported into the United States, we wanted to continue to make a positive contribution by seeking out a location that would reduce the carbon footprint of salmon available in the North American market. “

The collaboration between the two parties can prove to be a groundbreaking achievement for Publix considering its massively positive impact on the environment. The Supermarket in 2017, ranked No 2 among the Top Companies for Social Responsibility by Harris Poll.