Q&A: Krasdale Foods’ Steve Silver says COVID-19 supply hurdles remain


Steve Silver is the COO (Chief Operating Officer) and the President of Krasdale Foods, who is appointed in January 2019. Krasdale Foods is based in White Plains, N.Y., Krasdale Foods are the grocery distributors supplying to more than 300 independent supermarkets in Northeast and Florida and nearby 2500 retailers overall.


Since the outbreak of the pandemic, a National emergency was declared in the mid of march however, the New York area was badly affected by COVID-19 with numerous cases and many deaths within days. Deaths caused by COVID-19 in New York were rising prominently high and was considered the highest in the nation before the implementation of Lockdown in the vicinity. Abrupt actions were taken for Community and Public Lockdown which has helped to bring the virus under control. Now the Metro areas have become one of the lowest infection rates in the nation.  

Silver says: Supply shortages have caused panic for consumers; however, the outset of the pandemic is improved but still exists. The small and mid-size retailers have been severely affected by the pandemic. Russel Redman, the senior Editor of Supermarket news have conducted an interview with Silver to talk about the supply issues faced overall from Karsdale’s perspective. Here are some of the extracts of the overall discussion.

SUPERMARKET NEWS: Since the Covid episode over seven months prior, the basic food item industry has been outrageously popular in Supply and demand both. When did Krasdale Foods and its clients experience the impact of the pandemic?

STEVE SILVER: In New York, back in March and April in a lot of anxiety, terror and much more was going on which was justifiable. When we got the first intimation that what was probably going to happen, most companies at that time did not have any experience to work from home or had had an idea that how will we operate from home.

Although we had the technical capability of working from home we were not in a feasible position to enable the whole company to work from home. In February and March promptly changed the Infrastructure with licenses and hardware, and all possible changes to make sure that we could work from home to cope up without daily operations.

From a technical perspective, there were big changes as a lot of people need to sync their communication system and to ensure that all people are fulfilling their assigned tasks and are managed properly. As we know that supermarkets have to deal with the suppliers, employees, and the Consumer simultaneously since everybody from the world is coming into their stores. Distribution center hours had to be rescheduled.

SN: When did Krasdale start to experience the overwhelming demand?

SILVER: Because we have predicted that what was going to happen, in February we bought some merchandise that we expected to see a run on. During this episode, we were still having issues in the supply chain as it was still disrupted. We expected to hit up to 80% on a good day, this was not because of us, it was due to a lack in the supply. It was very challenging for us to keep the supply chain running. The reason why our customers buy from us is because of our great service at competitive prices. If we are unable to supply them the customers will buy from somewhere else which we were experiencing.

SN: What were the highest demanded products during the pandemic and which categories were having shortages or disruptions?

SILVER: Initially it was the paper and cleaning products but with time it abruptly shifted over to food products and it still persists. Dealing with vendors was a big challenge for us, Fulfilling 80% is considered to be a good job these days because this is the best we can do under these circumstances, however, it adds a lot of costs as well. In this business since we have limited margins so we ensure to send out full trucks but during the pandemic, there is still 30% air under the best possible conditions which cause many issues. The customer gets annoyed when they see that the shelves are not full, I don’t see our selves to get back to normal in the near future.

SN: Have you experience a rise in demand for Krasdale private products?

SILVER: Absolutely, due to lack of branded products customers have taken our own products also. Our own products were packed at the same time during the growing season even during big demands our private label was also run out.

SN: During the Pandemic in a lot of grocery stores I have seen brands that were normally not seen before.

SILVER: Yes. Because all stores need to fill their shelves, since the known brands have shortages, therefore, the stores have filled their shelves with whatever sources they can since no customer likes to look at the empty shelves Nobody likes to look at empty shelves.

SN: How are you preparing yourselves for the winter and the holiday season?

SILVER: As much as we can, in the event that we have it, we can get gracefully to you. We have the outside capacity. In the event that we can discover an item, we purchase more than we need, in the event that it has no timeframe of realistic usability issues. So do our clients. Our clients search for good arrangements. More often than not, their storm cellars are brimming with the item. In any case, COVID-19 cleared them out. So you plan for the most noticeably terrible and trust in the best. That is everything you can do.

SN: Stockpiling for which products are focused on? Is it the traditional stuff for winter and holidays?

SILVER: based on the current scenario, anything you get hands-on, it could be canned vegetables, Rice, pasta, etc. We can keep it in outside storage to ensure that the shelves are full.

SN: What are the challenges for Fresh Food, especially in the production area?

SILVER: That appears to have disappeared. The majority of our product providers, I believe, are basically back typical. You will be over here and there with specific things. Yet, we have three or four diverse produce providers that flexibly our stores. The majority of our folks will go right to the produce market, and it’s something very similar on the meat side.

At the present time, a large portion of the graceful issues is on the dry basic food item side, in light of the fact that the interest has been repressed such a great amount of and, as I would like to think, the makers will deal with the Walmarts and the Kroger’s and the Costco’s first before the little, fair size territorial merchants.

SN: New York as of late has figured out how to monitor its COVID-19 disease rate versus the vast majority of different States, in spite of a monstrous spread at an early stage in the pandemic. What’s your viewpoint going ahead as far as the pandemic’s effect on Krasdale and its market zone?

SILVER: Personally, I think you’re going to see an uptick. It’s a vicious disease, and as much as you try and stay away from each other, it’s going to get around. So I suspect we’re going to be dealing with it. Not like it was back in March and April, but there’ll be an uptick and you’re going to have to just survive. I don’t think we’re going to have the kind of lockdown we had back then. It might be targeted, specific ZIP codes, certain schools closing. Hopefully, the therapies have gotten a lot better. So they say, we’re all waiting for a vaccine, which I don’t think is going to happen for a while. We’re going to be in this mode for a year, in my opinion.

SN: So for Krasdale, the situation will be simply attempting to keep a hop on flexibly?

SILVER: That is it. It’s about gracefully. It’s not about us promoting items out. We can push it out comparable to anyone. We have an entire framework set up. We don’t have an issue picking it. I simply need to get the item in the structure.

The other thing I’ll let you know is that everyone in this industry, regardless of whether at the retail level or at the discount appropriation level, they’re all champions. Our representatives were extraordinary, and our clients’ workers were incredible one score beneath medical services laborers, the staple business.