Rachel Maddow Off MSNBC After Potential COVID-19 Exposure


The anchor says she’ll quarantine after a “close contact” tested positive for the novel coronavirus


Rachel Anne Maddow, a very popular television news program host and a political commentator. Rachel Maddow is currently hosting “The Rachel Maddow Show” which is shown on MSNBC. She has been one of the most popular figures when it comes to Networks election coverage.

Rachel Maddow, after a close contact she was tested and found positive with coronavirus. Rachel Maddow will not be on MSNBC Friday night.

Rachel Tweeted that she won’t be on Friday’s show however, the news channel will continue to cover the presidential election. She said that “I’ve tested negative thus far but will be at home quarantining ’til it’s safe for me to be back at work without putting anyone at risk,” she further mentioned, “You will be in good hands tonight with Nicolle [Wallace] and Joy [Reid] and Brian [Williams] and the Great and Good Mr. [Steve] Kornacki and the whole MSNBC crew.” Currently, MSNBC has declined it.

For the last 3 nights, the election team has been together in studios but ensured that they are several feet apart from each other. The US is facing a prominent spike in coronavirus cases, as the new cases have averaged about 100,000 per day which is a 25% rise in comparison with last week.

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